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Thread: Im trying to install programs on a guest account

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    Im trying to install programs on a guest account

    Hi, I have windows XP computer at my home with just one Account and that is Admin. Usually just I am the user of this computer but sometimes my brother also visits my home and uses this computer. He need MSN messenger to be installed on this. So I enabled the Guest account for him and was trying to install MSN messenger only for guest account. But every time the installation fails saying me I donít have permission for the same.

    Can you guys please tell me how can I install MSN only for his (guest) account?

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    Re: Im trying to install programs on a guest account

    Guest accounts are just a system account that can be used temporarily. If you somehow installed any software in the same it wont remain there after reboot. So just go back to Control Panel > User Accounts and disable guest. Instead create a new standard user account and name it anything. If you donít want to give it admin privileges, make it just a standard account. Now install MSN messenger on this and it work properly. If asked for admin privileges, run the installation as an Admin.

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    RE: Im trying to install programs on a guest account

    There is no way you can install any program that will be available only for users and not for Admin. Every program will be installed for Admin first then if you want you can configure it for other users and/or just keep it for yourself.

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