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Thread: Anti-Virus Software without Internet Connection

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    Anti-Virus Software without Internet Connection

    I have got a pc which is used for the purpose of classified information and in the security protocols we are not supposed to allow this computer to be connected to the internet but we should be able to update the antivirus software regularly on it. We have got Norton and Mcafee that require updates to be received via online? I was wondering if I can get some mainstream antivirus software that I can install without registering online and can still receive the update files? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: Anti-Virus Software without Internet Connection

    You can download the virus definition from the Norton or the Symantec website dircetly from this link onto your pc - . Also they can do the activation of your antivirus program by phone option as when you install it on your pc. But I was wondering if the computer that you have has got no external drive connected to it and also no internet, then how is your computer proned to the virus then?

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    Re: Anti-Virus Software without Internet Connection

    Actually I have found out that you can do the activation of the Norton antivirus 2004 and till 2007 over the phone as well as from the internet. But if you are using the latest Norton Antivirus 2008 version, then the only option left to you for activating it would be only possible via the internet, you cannot use the phone to activate it.

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    Incase you are running the computer that you are using on LAN then you can do the following:

    1. First of all you need to disable Internet access with fixed IP assignment (DHCP) specifying non-existent default gateway.
    2. After that you have to install NAI/McAfee on this machine and another on LAN with Internet access.
    3. Now you have to configure 2nd machine to get updates on-line. and then also configure secure machine to get updates from 2nd machine and thus you will be able to get the updates without internet.

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    Re: Anti-Virus Software without Internet Connection

    You can use Avira Antivirus which has a manual updating of the antivirus without the internet connection.
    • Download the manual update file called from here by clicking on Download VDF (multiple VDF) and save it to Windows desktop for example.
    • Open AntiVir Control Center by double clicking on the tray icon or the desktop shortcut.
    • Click on Update and on Manual Update.... Then select the downloaded file and click on Open.

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