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Thread: Using Windows "scheduled tasks" to launch a .bat file

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    Using Windows "scheduled tasks" to launch a .bat file

    I want to run a .bat file automatically every night. I have referenced the .bat file via Windows scheduled tasks and have tried running the .bat file manually. I can see window briefly flashes but it seems as if .bat file does not gets invoked. I have created a test .bat file and even that's not getting invoked so there's nothing wrong with the original bat file that i am having. I have tried referencing cmd.exe /c "c:\test.bat" in but it did not worked. Please let me know if there is anything that i can try out to run my .bat file.

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    Re: Using Windows "scheduled tasks" to launch a .bat file

    I will suggest you to use cmd.exe /k "the .bat file. In this case window will stay opened and you will be able to see the errors that might be preventing your bat file from getting invoked. If you are not able to deal with the error your self than you can post it here for further help.

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