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Thread: Win 32 Trojan removal help...

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    Win 32 Trojan removal help...

    My system has somehow got affected by Win32.Trojan.RX. It has added a toolbar and keeps me redirecting to spyware/ adware removal page. I think the spyware/ adware removal page to which it is redirecting me is fake so i don;t want to give that a try. However i want to get rid of this Win 32 Trojan from my system as soon as possible before it cause some serious issues.

    I want t know if there is any specific adware/ spyware removal software to remove this Trojan or even an antivirus will do?? I have symantec free antivirus installed in my system but it is not able to deal with it.

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    Re: Win 32 Trojan removal help...

    I will suggest you to download and install SuperAntispyware rather than using symantec free antivirus. Make sure that you are uninstalling symantec one before installing SuperAntispyware as there are possibilities of them to interfere with each other processes if installed together on single machine. SuperAntispyware has already helped out many people in getting rid of Win 32 Trojan and i am quite sure that it will help you out as well.

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