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Thread: Cannot load google homepage

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    Cannot load google homepage

    I cannot load google homepage on one of the computer that I have at my place. And if there are some website that use google analytics then it will time out there and then load the other pages. I am not running any kind of personal DNS and I am not on any domain. The other computers that I have can access google properly but not this machine, so it seems to me that it is a network problem. I wonder if there is any kind of virus or malware that is causing this issue? The problem that I am having on this machine is running Windows XP with Service pack 2.

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    RE: Cannot load google homepage

    Can you try to login in safe mode and then check if you get the same problem. If you are not able to login then incase if you have some antivirus software installed on your machine then check whether it is not blocking to change the homepage or else you can try to configure this programs by going into its option and allow to change the home page:
    1. First of all open CMD and then type regedit in the run box and then go the following registry keys: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main.
    2. In the same key you will have to change the home page and to do that look in the right pane and locate the Start page and then right click on it and then choose Modify and enter the data for example as your HomePage and then locate also this Local Page and right click on same and then choose to Modify and put the below text:
    3. After that locate the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main and then on the Start Page change it to
    4. After that you can leave the Local Page as it is if it has the following string of Data that is:{SUB_PRD}...... etc
    5. After that close the registry kye and then open Internet Explorer Properties and then click on Programs Tab and click on manage Addons, here you will have to disable the Add-Ons for Non-MS IE Add-Ons and then click OK.
    6. After that on the same window click Reset web Settings and click Apply and then OK.
    7. Now you have to restart the pc and then check if your computer can see if the new home page is set to google.

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    Re: Cannot load google homepage

    I have checked and found out that the entries that you have told were alraedy present in the registry. I dont believe that it is Internet Explorer problem all alone but also other browser like Firefox and Opera have this problem. I also logged into safe mode but it wont load. The only thing that I can do is by reinstalling the Windows operating system again, until someone other has some solution to this issue.

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    Re: Cannot load google homepage

    I have finally found a fix for this problem. What I did was I removed the network device and added it again by changing the IP address of the workstation and then was able to load google without any problems. I dont know what could be the case here that went wrong but hopefully this method will help others incase they face similar kind of problems.

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