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Thread: Defender keeps turning off

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    Defender keeps turning off

    Am using Windows XP computer which has both Windows Defender as well as OneCare security. Since last two weeks i always notice that the defender icon in the system tray use to have a yellow icon. When I click the same it says that windows Defender is Off. Well I turn it on again but after few minutes I see the same yellow icon saying its turned Off.

    I donít know why it is getting turned off itself. Do you guys have any idea? Any suggestion?

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    RE: Defender keeps turning off

    Hey Q Jones, even am facing the same problem. Did you found any working solution for it?

    I tried searching lot on internet but dint found anything that can fix it. Mine is XP SP2 running with Live OneCare and Defender.

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    Re: Defender keeps turning off

    Hello guys. The reason for getting defender turned off itself is very simple. Whereas Windows defender provides protection against Spywares, Live Onecare is programmed to protect your system with against Virus as well as Spyware. So it Defender is not necessary to run along with the onecare. Hence it gets turned off itself to free up your resources. There is nothing to worry about the same.

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    Re: Defender keeps turning off

    This applies to OneCare v1.5, I believe. Thanks for this.

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    Re: Defender keeps turning off

    Yeah, thatís correct. If you install OneCare, Windows Defender will be deactivate itself. Installing OneCare v1.5 disables Defender. Same thing happens when you install Microsoft Security Essentials. It will disable both Onecare as well as Defender because it includes all those protections in itself.

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