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Thread: is a virus?

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    is a virus?

    I am having a Windows XP computer. Since yesterday whenever i am trying to access any website (example, it show up for about 2 seconds and immediately redirected to where I get page not found. This is happening for any website I try to load.

    I tried scanning the system with my Antivirus and spyware/adware remover but they were not able to find anything malicious. Iíve wasted entire day to get it fixed but yet unsuccessful. Somebody here please tell what can I do? Many thanks.

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    Re: is a virus?

    I donít think 007guard is any virus or spyware. The all I got from Google regarding this is it is a kind of bug related to spybots immunize feature that requires a tweak in C: /windows/system32/drivers/etc/ hosts file to fix.

    What you can do is just edit this host file and make sure localhost is mentioned above Save the file, restart system and it should be fixed.

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    Re: is a virus?

    One of my colleagues was facing exactly the same problem with Internet Explorer which was redirecting him to 007guard. We spent few hours on web and found that the problem will be solved updating Sun Java to latest version which is Sun Java JRE/JSE Version 5.0 Update 9. Well we did the same and problem got fixed.

    You must give it a try.

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    Re: is a virus?

    I Have had before it was in Windows 7 build 7022 . I was written into the version . it is in two files Svchost.exe and it calls out to the that web site address and brings in a virus that infects just about all your files and i tryed spybot and all that nothing worked . so i took that copy of windows 7 off. if you stop the port it was call out on it will automaiclly find another. Just wonding did you download Windows 7 build 7022?

    The verion Windows 7 build 7022 i think wasnt leaked it was created by hackes

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