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Thread: Exceeded Internet Timeout Virus?

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    Exceeded Internet Timeout Virus?

    We are running Antigen 9.0 on a Exchange 2003 which is finding the below things:
    Microsoft Antigen for Exchange found a file infected with a virus. The file is currently Removed.
    File name: "CODE_.gif"
    Virus name: "Exceeded Internet Timeout"

    I am not able to find anything on the internet for what kind of virus is this? I am also seeing large amount of internet mail SMTP Connectors with in the exchange queues that we are using and we dont have that kind of an account, so something here is fishy I think. We have Symantec antivirus and I have already scanned all the servers but all seems to be clean. Does anyone have idea about what kind of virus is this?

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    Try to follow the below steps and check if it is working for you or not:

    1. First of all try to uninstall Antigen completely from the server
    2. After that you need to manually delete the folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Antigen for Exchange
    3. Now try to restart the server again
    4. After that you have to reinstall Antigen for Exchange server with Service Pack 2 atleast and also try to install the latest Hotfix Rollup 4 update for Antigen

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