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Thread: Refresh HKLM Key from Group Policy

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    Refresh HKLM Key from Group Policy

    I need some help here to deal with updating the HKLM key only in Windows Registry. I specifically need help to refresh this one only. The key is located in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies. There are some restriction enabled for using MSN messenger by using Windows registry. I had kept a reg file separate to enable that instantly. When it is turned on it does not goes off automatically unless I log off. Is there a F5 kind of function available that can help me to do this. Thanks.

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    You will have to create a separate reg file for that. There is no direct option available that can refresh the key on its own. You can try killing explorer.exe and then check whether it is disabled or not. Log off is the best way to make your registry to reload properly with existing settings. There can be some third party registry tools, but I will not recommend you to use that.

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    I will advice you to check for information on Micrsoft Technet. There are ample of resource available there. Your query is not common and you are asking for a customize way to refresh Windows Registry which to some extent is bit not possible. You can keep two separate keys with you. One one them will be used for enable and the other for disabling the restriction.

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