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Thread: How can I detect if I have Eblaster on my computer?

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    How can I detect if I have Eblaster on my computer?

    I bought a second hand computer from one of my friend you use to have installed Eblaster to keep an eye on his brother who also use to access this computer. Now, as I bought this computer from him, I can I be sure that he removed Eblaster from this pc and not spying me? Not just Eblaster, tell me the way I can be sure that there are no spying software installed this system. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How can I detect if I have Eblaster on my computer?

    As far as I know these Spying Softwares use to be hidden, and invisible to everyone. Only the guy who installed can be aware of the same. They won’t even show up in Add and Remove or anywhere else unless you are good in playing with registries. So if you are well concerned about your privacy, the only things I will recommend you is just format the entire system and re-install windows again.

    For you help, I can provide you few links that will help you understand better:
    Protect your PC:
    Getting started with a new PC:

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    Re: How can I detect if I have Eblaster on my computer?

    As a Security Technician, being paid for being an IT Security technician, and concerned about security, I have found that two programs have been excellent in detecting Sector PRO, CNE, and E-blaster.

    Earlier versions of the following were ineffective but the LATEST versions are super and will detect the above even if the companies don't advertise either one of them as to such detection.

    My experiences indicated that either both will indicate the presence of the Spector programs (if they exist) or both will indicate the lack of presence of the above programs.

    If both AVAST (latest version) and ANTIVIR (latest version) are both used, if they BOTH come up negative, then you can rest assured with a 99.9999% certainty, that none of the Spector programs are on your computer. Incidentally, both of them are FREE!

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