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Thread: What Is Crypt32.dll?

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    What Is Crypt32.dll?

    I am using Windows XP SP2 in my system. I found a Crypt32.dl file as threat. I am using a free edition of AVG and it reported it as virus. I checked on web and found that it is a kind of windows component and safer to ignore. But I am bit confused about the same. I need some help to find information on it. If this is a Windows component then why it is reported as a threat in Windows. There must be some kind of mistake by the antivirus software. What are your suggestion on the same. Thanks.

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    Yes it is a windows process. The below link can provide you detailed information on the file. It is a windows module which is responsible for proper functioning of Certificate and Cryptographic Messaging functions. But there are similar virus which can act or look like many windows component. You can try cleaning the file by default action provided by your antivirus.

    Crypt32.dll Versions

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    Dave / Robert,

    Thank you both for enlightening me, as I have the same problem as "johny why".

    In frustration, I inadvertently deleted the keys:
    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\crypt32chain.dll


    HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\cryptnet.dll

    using SpyBot Search & Destroy (from the Tools > System Startup window). Should I expect my PC to become unstable if it initiates Cryptographic Services?

    I appreciate any assistance you may offer.


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    There is a way around that Crypt32.dll or oem32.dll or any file along the line of it yes you can do a repair of windows xp and it's possible and it has been done on a machine that i had to repair from you all known as blue of death of a crypt32.dll file by using the windows reinstallation disc not any other sort of methods that you all think of but using the windows os disc of xp do a full repair and it will rewrite crypt32.dll after you do a fullreboot to the cd it self by not going to safe mode, safe mode to access dos or some other things there is by booting to the installation cd and do a full repair but not a fresh copy yet. After you do a Repair then Do a Full Crash on your pc by booting off your cd and have the cd it self to give you a fresh new copy of windows and go ahead and do your registeration and what not... Microsoft that's the solution of that problem that you are all having

    Or How ever you can also pull your hard drive from the desktop and get a new drive in (laptops) you must buy a hard drive for a laptop to run on. Do A full fresh Copy Of WIndows xp and go from there and go out to the store and buy you an external case for your drive and access it there and delete windows folder after you hook it in to a usb device of your pc and you won't lose any information to the problem that your having and if you continue to have that problem take it to a full pc certified repair shop like best buy they can work on that type of stuff for you... I hope this all information that i am giving you will help out big time and trust me on this i have it running w/o any problems

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