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Thread: Temp file trouble PerFlib PerData

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    Temp file trouble PerFlib PerData

    I am running a Windows XP on HP laptop. Yesterday I was just emptying my Temporary folder where I came across a file named “PerFlib PerData.” I’ve never saw this file before, infact never heard about any of such file. Along with all other files I tried deleting this as well but it gave me an error message saying something like “the file is being used by another person”. It just wont allow me to delete it.

    Is it any kind of virus or malware? Have anyone of you came across such file on your system? Please help.

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    RE: Temp file trouble PerFlib PerData

    Did you tried deleting the same in Safe Mode? If not, try it out. Restart the computer and keep hitting F8. This will bring you up the advance boot menu where you need to select Safe Mode. Once logged in go to Temp folder and delete it. Hopefully you wont be getting any error message because this file should not be in use in Safe Mode.

    If that wont helps, there is an utility named “Unlocker” you can download from internet. This helps you to find out what is using the file. Also let you unlock files being used.

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    Re: Temp file trouble PerFlib PerData

    I have been through this problem in past, not with the file that you have mentioned but with some another file. In my case it was .NET runtime that was using and protecting the file to be deleted. However, I managed to delete it using Windows Built-in Disk Cleanup Utility. It was very easy.

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    I found few easiest method on web to get rid of such problems. The first they have mentioned in via perfmon.msc. if that wont work then try msconfig way,either way I hope one of em works. Even am facing this problem, will try out these steps and will let ya know if any of it works!

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