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Thread: PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

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    PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

    I donít know whether I am posting it in a right section or not. I am currently using a Windows computer. Yesterday I have got a call from call centre saying that they are part of my ISP and providing help to speed up the computer. I have downloaded the teamviewer and gave them the password assuming that they were genuine. They first connected my computer remotely and went into Start> Run>prefetch. There were several files and they informed me that these files could be potential virus's and they can clear them for £100/9year. I actually didnít need it. So I said thanks and disconnected the remote access (teamviewer connection).

    Now I have doubt that whether they have re-opened the connection and planted some malicious program inside my computer. I ran the Avira scan and a malwarebytes but both find nothing. So I am not sure whether they have planted anything on my computer or not. Do you think that I am safe?

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    Re: PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

    If you have any doubt about that, then the best way is to contact your ISP and know about the service team which contacted you. Also confirm that they are actually providing this service or not. If not, then the risk is surely higher. I donít think that they have installed additional stuff in your computer but they might have stolen some data from the computer. To avoid infection, you can do the system restore. Next Time do not give remote access to your computer to any unknown person or user.

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    Re: PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

    We recommend using a program firewall (firewall) such as ZoneAlarm, which stop and notice the connection of this or any other Internet Trojan and any attempt to access our system. ZoneAlarm (free for personal use), besides being an excellent firewall also prevents the execution of any attachment with virus likely to own (without having to update with each new version of a virus).

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    Re: PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

    Several months before many Windows all over the world received this kind of calls saying that they will clean up your computer and speed up the performance. So some site reported caution about such scam calls. If you get any call saying that from Microsoft and telling that you have malicious files on your computer, then hung up that phone. It Is A Scam. They scam people are trying to get remote control access to your computer like this manner. So do not reveal any personal information to those people.

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    Re: PC may infected due to phone call/remote access

    Sure, you can in any kind of connection there is always that possibility. If you plan to does something it does not know better not try. On the other hand to do so you can even scan the remote computer from your computer. Otherwise it is recommended that you first update your antivirus and your OS and then try to do remote access.

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