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Thread: Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

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    Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

    Hi, guys recently I have moved to the to a NAS server on my home LAN. Actually I have problem with the windows security. When I right-click on the files, means file in the format of .Zip at that instant windows security dialog giving me warning. The warning is “opening this file might be harmful to your computer- Your Internet security settings blocked one or more files from being opened. Do you want to open these files anyway? Here I just wanted to say that first of all NAS server on my LAN is not on the Internet. Along with that I have set the "local intranet" security settings to low but the bogus message is still coming. One more thing I just wanted to say that is files like .tar, .gzip, .7zip and even .exe they don’t show this type of message only .zip file show this type of message. Is there any way to stop this?

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    Re: Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

    Here some I can give you solution for this. It may be the problem of excluded file types. Here I will recommend you that go to control panel and then click on the tools and then Excluded file type. You know by default it is all empty here if find yourself in windows 7 and you don’t want to see the pop message so here just add the file type that you think it is safe. I hope this will help you.

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    Re: Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

    Here I am satisfied with your comments. Here I would suggest you that give yourself to full control over the ShellFolder key. After that I would suggest you that rename the attribute or change the value of attribute data to 0x00000000. Then restart your explorer and you will not get this issue along with that you won’t be able to open Zip file with explorer. Here, you will get the more information about the attribute. Unfortunately for me I am still having this type of issue. There is easy way to fix this issue if you add the IP address and computer name of the network to the list of local Internet site in the Internet options. I hope this will solve your issue.

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    Re: Unable access the .Zip file because of windows security.

    Guys, I searched on this issue and I got one solution from one of the forum. Just follow the below steps then you will find the solution.
    1> First of all go to start menu and then click on control panel and then Internet option.
    2> When you click on the Internet option then you will see different tab in that.
    3> Then after click on the “security Tab”.
    4> After that just click on local Intranet and move your slider down.
    5> Then you will see site button, just click on site button.
    6> After that click on the “Advance” button.
    7> After that the most important point i.e. enter IP address of the NAS whatever server you have.
    8> And then click “close”.
    I hope this will help you because it didn’t give me any error.

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