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Thread: Disabled.SecurityCenter

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    Hi, am facing some security problem with Windows XP based computer. Since couple of days whenever I run the Malwarebytes, it detects and deletes a file named “Diabled.SecurityCenter”. It finds it for sure on every scan. Tough it deletes it, it detect it again after restart. So far I have tried scanning with various applications such as Symantec, Spybot,
    Spywareblaster, Malwarebytes, and Kaspersky.

    Another thing I noticed meanwhile is my Windows firewall off gets turned off every time I run the malwarebytes. Any suggestion?

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    Re: Disabled.SecurityCenter

    First of all let me know are you connected with any Domain? What FIREWALL software have you installed?

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    Re: Disabled.SecurityCenter

    I think you might have installed any firewall third party software that is killing the default Window firewall to run itself. Also it wont be able work with the Security Center so it disables useless alerts from there (that you don't have the firewall enabled when, in fact, you do but it's a 3rd party firewall).

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