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Thread: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

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    Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

    Ia m using Windows XP. My default web browser to visit website is Internet Explorer. I am not able to download virus definitions. It looks that my system has some kind of virus whic his redirecting me to some other site. I am trying go on AVG to download new updates, but the same failed. I also try to download other free antivirus manually but that does not worked. I need some help to deal with the issue. When I click on the download or try to open a site, I am getting a error that page not found. That is really weird.

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    It looks that there is some kind of redirecting virus in your system. Did you tried any other browser. I hope that can help you. Other than visiting the official website there are tons of third party download website which offers you the same download. You can get the download from there. To find that your system might have any kind of infection or not, I will advice you to use hijackthis. This tool will scan your system and will create a set of log file. You can locate the detailed location of each and every service that is running in the background.

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    I had too got a similar type of infection. It keeps on redirecting me to some new website. I am fed up with the same. I tried a tons of antimalware software but none of them worked. It looks a bit complicated to deal with this infections. It is recommended that you must use a good and updated antivirus. Free editions provide you less security, but paid gives you higher. I had formatted my system and installed Norton. Things look to be working fine here.

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    Download Malwarebytes AntiMalware. You can find that on any download website. Update that and scan your system. Using Hijackthis is a right option, but somehow it is complicated as you need to verify all the internal files and its location. Until you are not aware about the malware name you cannot trace and remove it.

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    Re: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

    eeee .... i have the virus ... malware ... start accesing a panflash is a autorun.inf but script is encode ... i try tu read but i'm stuck

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    RE: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

    Get Malwarebytes and go in Safe Mode by hitting F8 constantly on boot. In safe mode there are minimum applications which are running and it offers you dept scanning. If there are malware then this tool will wipe them out or you have to use some better one.

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