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Thread: How to disable password complexity option on Windows Server 2008

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    How to disable password complexity option on Windows Server 2008

    I need some help to deal with password complexity issue in Windows 2008 Server. I am not able to get rid of that. It is really very annoying. I am facing issue with password complexity. It is enabled and it does not allow me to use a simple password. I am sure there some way to modify the setting and let people use simple passwords. Thanks.

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    For that you will need to modify the member of that Active Directory. You can use gpmc.msc for that. Just go in the Default Domain Policy and then click on Windows Settings. Then click on Security Settings and go to Account Policies > Password Policy. Here you can manage the password complexity as per your need. This is quiet a best way to fix the issue. Do not forget to refresh the same by running gpupdate /force.

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    Hello, In regards to the original thread. I had a question. Certain managers where I work want their password complexity removed, but they want the other employees to still have to use it. How can I change it so certain users do not have password complexity?

    Thanks in advance!

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    re: How to disable password complexity option on Windows Server 2008

    I concur with problems getting domain policy password complexity changes to "stick" (at least on a 2008 enterprise w/ads configured). I am trying to disable the complexity. I have run gpupdate /force and rebooted several times, the policy says all complexity rules are disabled and yet I am still not allowed to set simple password with the same old error. I am spending a lot of time trying to figure out what else can I do to get this to "stick." Any other ideas?

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    found another thread that described the problem of policy changes not "sticking" and that no password settings should be "not defined" but if you want to disable them you have to define them and then set to 0.

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