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Thread: How to make LDAP Query in Windows 2000 based Active Directory

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    How to make LDAP Query in Windows 2000 based Active Directory

    I need help to make LDAP Query in Windows 2000 server based AD. I need to find some list of users with logs and the total number. I had never used this before. I tried to find some documents on it, but the same is a bit complicate to handle. Can anyone tell me the easiest process by which I can do this and run it properly.

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    What I know that AD has no logs to track users. It cannot tell you the information on user who are logged in and who are not. There might be some other way by which you can find that. It is possible to find the same through logon scripts. I know some links that have proper information on the same and you can read it to get some help.

    LDAP Search Clients
    LDAP Query Basics

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