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Thread: Service Control Manager errors, Event ID 7011

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    Service Control Manager errors, Event ID 7011

    How to fix Service Control Manager errors. I am getting this constantly on my system. I checked the logs and found error related to netlogon service. I am bit irritated with the error. There are constant timeout error in the longs. I am having a Windows SBS 2000 SP4 server on my network. I hoping to get proper solution for the same. Thanks.

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    Try to restart the server and then check back. I am sure this will be resolved on single restart. There can be some multiple errors also which can be fixed by using Chkdsk. Also verify your system for virus and other stuff. If you check the logs you might able to find a set of different errors. You had mentioned just one. Try to restart the netlogon service also.

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    I think the issue many due to limited system resources. Go to Windows 2000 support tools and try to find some set of software that might help you to deal with the problem. There are number of different dos type programs that can help you to fix the issue. Also I found some helpful links that can provide more light on the issue you are facing.

    Netlogon service time out error message while promote domain controller

    You are intermittently prompted for credentials or experience time-outs when you connect to Authenticated Services

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    A/V Scan of Large Files

    I have noticed this error occurring at random times. Or so I thought. After reading this thread and reinspecting my event logs, I see our Sophos Antivirus attempting to scan backup files that are very large, in my case, over 4 GB. The real time scan throws an informational message:
    File \Device\LanmanRedirector\Red\Backup\Backup not checked. Files larger than 4GB are not supported by on-access scanning

    Another file that throws this warning is the URL Cache for our ISA Server.

    I have created exclusions to prevent these files from being scanned and will re-post with results. I hope this helps someone out there, as I have been seeing the Exchange server disconnected messages throughout the day, as well.

    Syscom Digital Technologies, LLC.

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