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Thread: Why am I asked for password prompt when connecting to a workgroup computer?

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    Why am I asked for password prompt when connecting to a workgroup computer?

    I am having two computers working on the same workgroup. The system which I am using has Windows 2000 SP4. I had enabled automatic logon feature for my system. But whenever I try to connect a login box appear on the screen. I do not want this settings. I just want that my system would be able to access the shared file on the network easily without any login settings. Can anyone tell me how can I configure the same.

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    It is because the network is locked. Some of the files or connection is being blocked by the admin. You have to check the network settings of system which you are trying to access. There are option available by which you can get rid of password. You have to configure network id in your 2000 system also. Because till the system is not authenticated it will not work.

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