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Thread: Force update of reverse lookups on AD DNS?

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    Force update of reverse lookups on AD DNS?

    I am having a number of different website and subnets on my network. I am using Active Directory on Windows 2003 server. The domain and reverse lookup zones are integrated through AD so that it can allow both secure and unsecure updates. Due to some issue DHCP failed to run on Windows, but we have Unix servers. I am here trying to migrate some new subnets and then integrate the new network. There are number of subnets which are already migrated through reverse lookup. On the client end it loks that the updates are not working. There are not changes at all.

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    For that you have to provide a bit basic information on the ip subnet. To get proper solution you have to mention each and everything in detail here. There are some Microsoft KB article made on the same which has detailed information on this process. I found some helpful links that can help to you to deal with the problem.

    New group policies for DNS in Windows Server 2003

    Information about configuring Active Directory domains by using single-label DNS names

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