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Thread: Schedule tasks Last Result 0x2

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    Schedule tasks Last Result 0x2 error on Windows 2000

    I am getting a error on Windows 2000 Scheduled task. I am trying use a perl script on it. But when the schedule run a error Last result code of 0x2 appear on the screen. I am using the same task for months and it is working fine. But this failed to work properly this weekend. I am not able to get the right solution. I tried to search on web about 0x2 but cannot find anything related to that. Does anyone can provide me information on the error.

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    The issue lies with the script not with the schedule task. You must check in your script properly about the error. You can try to locate 0x2 in your script. I am sure there is something wrong with that. Schedule Task just try to trigger the process. If there is issue with it, then it will not work and the error will be different. It looks the script that you had added is not available on the location. It is unaccessible for the task.

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