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Thread: From where I can ownload cachemov.exe

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    From where I can ownload cachemov.exe

    I am trying to transfer the location of client side cache to a different partition. I found that it can be done through cachemove.exe. I searched in my system entirely but not able to find the exe file. From where can I download it. And also it would be better if someone can help me to find a proper process of using it. Thanks.

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    I think this file is a part of windows 2000 resource kit. Did you tried to check it there. I hope you will be able to get that. If it is not listed then it is better you can go on Microsoft website and find the download. There are also some different third party website that can offer the file downloaded. I am sure you are going to find that on

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    Cachemov.exe download

    I need to download (Cachemov.exe) so urgent please

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    re: From where I can ownload cachemov.exe

    I found this link below. It has detailed information on using cachemov.exe file. For download it would be better if you search on Google. I had seen there are number of different website that provides you the download. You can get that and run the setup.

    How to move the client-side caching (CSC) folder to a new location in Windows Vista

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