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Error 0x80070006 when configuring Win2K Server

Window 2000 Help

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Old 28-09-2003
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Error 0x80070006 when configuring Windows 2000 Server

I had made pc. It is a assembled one. I am trying to create a basic Windows server for development purpose. I had started with installation of Windows Server. Later on I have to setup Active Directory. I want to learn how this all works. I started checking Security features one by one. Now to get a bit storage I want to create a partition. I had updated SP4 on the server. While configuring the server I am getting a error on my screen. The error number was 0x80070006. I had setup AD, DHCP and DNS on the network. At the time of configuration Windows Component Setup Wizard was started and it added some new stuff. The error started appearing after that. What should I do to fix the issue. Thanks.

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Old 01-10-2003
Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 137
It can be due to issue with some internal component. Some file is either corrupt or missing due to which you are facing this issue. And I think reinstallation will not cost you much. You can start from scratch again. This will help you to learn more about the server configuration. It will be waste of time to locate the file associated with the error. Just restart the installation and check back whether it works or not. I am sure you will get some set of security updates which will work well.
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Old 02-10-2003
Join Date: Sep 2004
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Yes it would be better that you re-begin all the setup once again. It will help you to troubleshoot the problem. I am sure the configuration is affected due to AD and DNS. By the way you can also try searching for the error on official website of Microsoft. There are number of troubleshooting solutions available and it will be also quiet helpful in dealing with the problem.
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Old 09-04-2007
Join Date: Apr 2007
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BUG - W2K Adv Server - Conn Mngr = AD Install

Hi Michael

I have the EXACT SAME problem as your's - WORD TO WORD.

Its driven me to insanity & mind to gelly. F*** MS & their "support".

The solution: THERE IS NON, sorry bro.

Possible solution: Do a COMPLETE Re-install of W2K

Problem: Active Directory will fail to install with various types of errors - in my case it's FRS failed to start.

What i did (but didn't succeed in AD)
Conf. , mod. , reinstalled ALL & EACH of the following
1. DNS
4. And all other Service's & Components.

ALL OF THEM WORK PERFECTLY. But AD setup (dcpromo) fails every single time!!!

I even installed Virtual PC with W2K Pro and was able to create a working network WORKGROUP with DNS & DHCP & WINS & Internet & NT Connectivity - But AD setup still failed every time!!!

My unfortunate & desperate conclusion was that it is a bug.

Don't expect any kind of help or even response from MS.

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Old 26-07-2007
Join Date: Jul 2007
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I know this thread is quite old, but I have run into this same problem. The error is caused by sysocmgr that runs to install iis and other Windows components.

To get rid of this error, go to the control panel, add/remove programs, add/remove Windows Components, locate the Management and Monitoring Tools. You can remove the entire thing or just the subcomponent named "Connection Manager Components". The error will go away after this point.

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