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Thread: Loader error 3 when booting Windows 2000

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    Loader error 3 when booting Windows 2000

    I am facing fatal boot problem on my system. I have a Windows 2000 Server. The system simply does not load completely. It halts on the error. If it can allow me to enter control panel or system settings then I can make some changes. I tried last good known configuration which did not helped much. I am trying to recover the system. I do not want to re-install 2000 back again as it will wipe out all the AD settings. What are the possible fix that I can go for. Thanks.

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    I think the issue lies with bootloader. That is the reason you are not able to access the internal files. Is it possible for you to enter safe mode. Just try it. If not then you have to boot from 2000CD. Enter the console and use fixboot. It might fix the startup problem. But if nothing works then you have to go with fresh 2000 installation. There is no other way you can deal with the issue.

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    re: Loader error 3 when booting Windows 2000

    Hey thanks for this, you saved me half day of reinstalling a station.

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