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Thread: Bad DirectSound Driver

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    Bad DirectSound Driver

    I just bought an external hard drive for my computer. I moved all my music files onto the external drive along with quite a few other things. I thought I should be able to play the music on the external hard drive when plugged in to my computer but every time i try to play anything in winamp an error message comes up telling me i have a bad directsound driver. My computer won't play any music/sound now - not even on websites like I tried uninstalling winamp and uploading a new version, that didn't work. How do I fix this?

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    Re: Bad DirectSound Driver

    Very first thing that i will advise you is to download and install the latest driver for the sound card which you are using. Also reinstall the Winamp to correct the problem related to the same. To download the drive for your sound card visit the developer's site of sound Card. Try this out and let me know whether it is working for you or not.

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    Re: Bad DirectSound Driver

    well, actually i figured it out last night before i read your reply. i tried everything i could think of yesterday - changing winamps output setting, making sure my computers audio was on the right setting, uninstalling and reinstalling winamp. nothing worked. but i went to control panel, then sounds and audio devices and realized that somewhere along the way of trying to remove programs and move things onto my external drive i must have deleted something concerning the sound driver (i really don't know anything about this stuff). i had to put my "drivers and utilities" cd in and reinstall SoundMax. as soon as i did that it worked.

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