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Thread: Microsoft slower with patcher Windows Vista than XP

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    Microsoft slower with patcher Windows Vista than XP

    An expert related to safety at Microsoft published information associated with the corrective measures applied to Windows. According to these data, six months after the exit of Windows Vista, Microsoft would have left more problems not patchés that on Windows XP.

    On the whole, Microsoft would have thus rectified 12 vulnerabilities out of 27 known on its last operating system. At the time, for the first 6 months of life of Windows XP, one spoke about 36 vulnerabilities corrected out of 39.

    Microsoft does not deflate therefore and recalls that the not corrected vulnerabilities of Vista are not critical. Only a not patchée vulnerability would be qualified of very severe. Over the same period of life for Windows XP, one evoked two not corrected very severe vulnerabilities.

    Six months after its exit, Microsoft had corrected 23 very severe vulnerabilities in Windows XP against only one for Vista. It is not necessary any more so that the person in charge for the firm of Redmond can conclude from it that Windows Vista is conceived better and protected than XP. It does not stop there and not overbid by adding that the system presents less vulnerabilities than systems like Red Hat Entreprise or Mac OS X.

    For some, these figures are however very contestable. A hacker affirms thus that would be needed that Microsoft ceases forgetting to in addition include in its reports/ratios certain faults related to its additional software modules/like the components Active X., other specialists specify that it will have to be waited until Windows Vista becomes also popular and as used as Windows XP to really consider its qualities related to safety.

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    Re: Microsoft slower with patcher Windows Vista than XP

    This is not a new news that Microsoft has multiple issue with viruses. In my life I had found Windows as one of the most vulnerable operating system. There are tons of virus and everyday new are created. But as compare to some time before we had much better alternative for the same. We can use an open source alternative like Ubuntu if we do not want those virus eating up our data.

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