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Thread: Instacube, a framework dedicated to digital photos of Instagram

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    Instacube, a framework dedicated to digital photos of Instagram

    Instacube is a digital photo frame entirely dedicated to photos taken with Instagram, a project currently seeking funding on Kickstarter.

    Instacube is in a shapes and colors that are reminiscent of the application recently acquired by Facebook, and can take pictures with a mobile device and apply filters before publication. For some users, Instagram has become a preferred means to take and publish photographs: they are also stored on a user account on which it is possible to consult them.

    It may therefore seem logical that a project dedicated to display photo frame emerged: Instacube is designed to run on Android, and Wi-Fi internet access. From the context, it is sufficient to connect to the account via Instagram touchscreen to access the gallery but also with those associated or followed friends. It can display the images at 600 x 600 pixels in full screen format, which corresponds to the definition proposed by uploading a picture from the service.

    The immediate arrival of the photos published on Instacube is one of its most interesting dimensions, in addition to a pretty nice design. Enthusiasts interested in this photo frame service can get very focused on its Kickstarter page for details and possibly participate in its funding: $149 commitment that ensures the reception of one of the first models, including the Marketing should begin in March 2013.
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    Re: Instacube, a framework dedicated to digital photos of Instagram

    Developed by D2M this Instacube will be able to interact in real time with the flow of the application. The worst part about it is that it is not a concept, but an object actually offered for sale for $99. Only downside: the first 1000 items will be offered at this price. Then it will probably extend a few dollars more to be offered.

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