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Thread: Skype for Windows 8 Pictures Leaked

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    Skype for Windows 8 Pictures Leaked

    The site Neowin has got hold of a preview release of the Skype program that meets the interface of Windows 8, known as Metro. In addition to a revised design, the application is advertised as very fast.

    Skype on Windows 8 could launch simultaneously with the new version of operating system, due by October 26: This is certainly what we think is right in the sight of this version with interface which we no longer pronounce the name. The version tested by Neowin may well be an "application preview" the site says. The program is fluid, stable and there are also no crashes during the entire duration of the experiment, allowing testers to make sound and video calls with several interlocutors. The chat text experience is described as pleasant, with different colors to distinguish between people in conversation.

    "Considering the stability of this application, we expect it to be proposed by Microsoft in the near future," concluded the site.

    Asked by The Verge, Microsoft declined to disclose about the leak of its application, or its availability in beta or final version.

    Image Credit: Neowin Website

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    Re: Skype for Windows 8 Pictures Leaked

    Skype till date is not yet a part of Windows 8, but by looking at the pictures, its interface is completely redesigned, making it like a standard software supplied with the OS. But in comments to the article on their website, people are already expressing doubts that such an interface is bound to look great on wide screen monitors.
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