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Thread: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Released

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    Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Released

    In addition to its keyboard Deathstalker Ultimate, Razer has also launched the its new headset at Gamescom, called "Kraken". A gaming headset available in two models, with or without a microphone.

    Razer is full of praise for its headset Kraken, defined by the firm as "the most comfortable gaming headset in the world." Without having tested the beast, it agreed the benefit of the doubt: nevertheless, not worth having it in hand to find that its fluorescent green color which is not very discreet.

    Side specifications, the Kraken has neodymium magnets speakers with a size of 40mm and a frequency response of 20-20000 Hz, an input power of 50 mW, a 1.3 meter cable and leathered ear pads for a closed design that allows insulation from outside noise.

    Subtlety: Razer offers two models, the Kraken and Kraken Pro. Both headsets have a 3.5 jack for the sound, but only the Kraken Pro features a retractable microphone. This Kraken can be still connected to a smartphone to receive calls, but then you have to speak into the phone. In sum, only the Kraken Pro is truly for gamers, such that they can do communication during the game.

    This is the only difference between these two headsets, except the price: the Kraken without a microphone is priced at 59.99 euros, while the Kraken Pro version is available at cost 99 euros. Both models will be available in September.

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    Re: Razer Kraken Gaming Headset Released

    The Kraken is, according to Razer, one of the most comfortable headphones in the world, and the manufacturer says it has an ideal weight of 293 grams for a headset, and well distributed. Robert Krakoff, president of Razer USA also said that, "We have made comfortable headsets in the past, including the Orca and the Carcharias, but we do not think we have already developed as ergonomic headphone as the Razer Kraken."

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