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Internet Explorer 10 will have Do Not Track settings by default in Windows 8 RTM

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Old 08-08-2012
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Internet Explorer 10 will have Do Not Track settings by default in Windows 8 RTM

Do Not Track functionality, securing the targeted Internet address advertising, will indeed be enabled by default in Internet Explorer 10.

In June, Dean Hachamovitch, vice-chairman of the Internet Explorer Department at Microsoft, explained that the "Do Not Track" would feature pre-configured settings to block websites wishing to trace the user on the Web in order to return targeted advertising. This decision was controversial and especially from the National Association of Advertisers in the U.S. with over 450 corporate clients representing 9000 brands. For the latter, Microsoft's decision will hurt the market for online advertising.

Brendon Lynch, head of privacy at Microsoft, confirmed that the option would be enabled by default. He added that for Windows 8 RTM, it will be in the parameters Express. The consumer can get there if he wants to disable it so that its browsing history allows him to get more targeted ads. Whether or not activated by default, the Do Not Track will be clearly visible and understood by the user to maintain a certain balance, at least that's what was said by Robert Madelin, director of the Company Information and Media at the European Commission, in a letter sent to the W3C.

Microsoft said it had conducted research, which confirm that people in their great majority, want to see the default activation of Do Not Track. Brendon Lynch adds that within Windows 8, users will be prompted to configure a number of options, so either express or further customized. "The recommended parameters Express are designed to accelerate and simplify the process and in case of activation, they generally improve privacy, security and the consumer experience on the device," explains the publisher. We must therefore choose an advanced configuration mode to disable DNT.

Implementing this option has created much debate and pressure from advertisers, the W3C, in charge of regulating the web standards, that had opposed its default activation and criticized Microsoft's decisions. Edward Markey and Joe Barton, sitting in the House of Representatives of the United States and the European Commission, had immediately claimed the editor of Redmond.

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Old 08-08-2012
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Re: Internet Explorer 10 will have Do Not Track settings by default in Windows 8 RTM

For those who do not know, DoNotTrack function adds a HTTP header to disable user tracking by web applications. This monitoring is particularly useful for advertisers because they can determine the profile of the person using the sites visited. They then propose better-targeted advertisements to the user.
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