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Thread: Microsoft unveils unique Windows 8 Keyboard and Mouse

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    Microsoft unveils unique Windows 8 Keyboard and Mouse

    Microsoft has released some unique models of keyboard and mouse to use with Windows 8. This time it looks Microsoft is following Apple in providing a exclusive product with in-house operating system. The design and look is awesome compared to others. This keyboard and mouse are not like your regular computer accessories. They are designed to give you rich features and instant access to many things. There are some different type of model available in both keyboard and mouse section. There are two different categories for this product. They are Wedge Touch Mouse and Mobile keyboard and the second one is Sculpt Touch Mouse and Mobile keyboard. Both tends you give better performance and smoother output. Yet Microsoft has not started selling them. It looks it is going to appear with Surface tablet as additional option at the time of purchase. Lets have look on each of them one by one.

    Wedge Touch Mouse & Mobile Keyboard-- The design looks quiet unique. The mouse is gesture based device which is expected to like between 60 to 70$. The price might differ on final launch. While the price of Mobile Keyboard lies between $70 to $80. This are new enhancement that Microsoft will provide to improve Windows 8 usage. Both are designed with a mindset of portability. The mouse does has any scrolling wheel. It operates on the basis of your finger gesture. You just need to move your finger down and the mouse identifies the same. The surface is well designed which gives a robust look. The keyboard on the same hand is fine made up-to good quality material. The keyboard gives a very thin and portable look. The wedge series is far more better providing you a wireless connectivity. The specs features that both of this devices can connect with Surface tablet more easily.

    Sculpt Touch Mouse and Mobile Keyboard -- Sculpt is a bit lower model with more reasonable price. The price of both products lie between $40 to $50. This are regular keyboard and mouse but a bit tweaked. The mouse also features a gesture strip to scroll among pages. The keyboard had a bit type comfort design which is a bit tilted from center in vertical form. The numpad section is removed and in addition to that Microsoft added some functions keys on the top for easy accessibility. The keyboard does not feature a complicated design. It offers you a clear layout with ample of functionality you are looking for. So to some extent using the regular keyboard mouse with surface will be a bit dull.

    Both models feature quick function keys on the top to perform number of options. You can press the search button to open the default search engine for easy surfing. The right side panel which mostly include the numpad is removed. So a bit complicated of those who are use to traditional keyboard design. This type of people mostly lie in the accounting section. They might find a bit difficult to operate the same.

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    Re: Microsoft unveils unique Windows 8 Keyboard and Mouse

    Those costly devices, but yet the design is quiet impressive. I hope I can get a good output from the same n surface. There should be option at the time of purchase, I hope
    Microsoft is not trying to make those things necessary for purchase.

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