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Thread: Swipe Offers Life Tab X74S 3D Tablet for Rs.5999 only

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    Swipe Offers Life Tab X74S 3D Tablet for Rs.5999 only

    Another new manufacturer appears to give a budget tablet for Indian market. The cost of that tablet is just Rs.5999/-. The best feature of this tablet is it offers a 3D screen with high resolution display. There are no tablets yet in the market offering you the current quality at so reasonable rate. Now what really matters to ensure is the quality of this device. The most hit device yet was Funbook which has gain a nice reputation. But with common issue of overheating the tablet lack better grades. Promoted as First 3D Tablet in India, Swipe Telecom intended to give the best product at most reasonable cost. As we look into detail we found that the tablet is working on Android 4.0 ICS operating system. By default the tablet which comes in this price range are mostly equipped with Froyo, Gingerbread or Honeycomb. ICS needs a good cpu power as it has a high interface design. It also support some rich application and games which are not going to work on low hardware. The screen size is 7inch which is a common specification. A 7" tablet is mostly comfortable for net surfing and games.

    Also the maximum resolution that you have is around 800x480 pixels which is not HD. The tablet internal memory is of 512MB DDR3 chip. So this can be expected for good performance. Unlike all other devices the internal storage is 4GB with expandable options. Life Tab gives you wifi connectivity also. The cpu used inside is Cortex A8 which works on maximum 1.2Ghz clock rate. That is not bad enough for new games but can be a bit lower for multitasking. And for the 3D requirement Swipe has added a Mali-400 GPU. This is some what nicely done, because of the video requirement depends on the existing cpu the performance degradable. There is no SIM slot available in the tablet. But you can use a 3G dongle using a compatible cable connection. Other features of this tablet are 2.0 MP camera, G-Sensor, Flash and usb port connectivity.

    Life Tab is a reasonable product for Indian market. Can be considered as a good option for institution to teach kids about new technology. After Akash was announced, there are many manufacturers who enter in Indian market to release a reasonable tablet pc. There are two more models available with Swipe. They are Float Tab X78 for Rs.6999 which features a 8Gb internal memory and some better hardware support. The second tablet is Halo Tab X74S for Rs.8999 which features 1GB internal memory, front and rear camera and better processor. All of them have only 7" screen and there is no 3G sim connectivity yet provided on any of them. All products available under Swipe Telecom are worth to buy. But you must not expect a much from the same. They are budget product and will give you average support only.

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    Re: Swipe Offers Life Tab X74S 3D Tablet for Rs.5999 only

    The device looks cool. Is there a video review of the same available on web. I am trying to find the same. It is easy to figure out the product information if there is any type of video review on web.

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