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Thread: Google asked Samsung to avoid copying Apple product line

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    Google asked Samsung to avoid copying Apple product line

    New documents were discovered in the case between Apple to Samsung. These could undermine the strategy of the Korean manufacturer.

    Last week, as part of the trial between Apple to Samsung on intellectual property rights, several photos of a prototype of the iPad dating from 2000 was revealed in broad daylight. For the record, the Cupertino company has launched several lawsuits against manufacturers of Android smartphones. The complainant considered that they violated several of its patents. For Samsung, the market leader, Apple says that the Korean manufacturer has simply copied the design of its devices. Apple said that it had discovered additional documents in order to strengthen its strategy.

    Specifically, Apple wants to build on the "Samsung About" to counter the company in court. "The documents show that the similarities of Samsung products (including those from Apple) are not accidental," said the complainant. He added: "Samsung had rather intended to surf the extraordinary success of the iPhone and the iPad by copying their iconic design and intuitive user interface."

    According to the blog AllThingsD, which reported information, the documents in question to be used by Apple for example, show that in February 2010, Google had asked Samsung to alter the design of PI and P3, that is to say the code names of Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1. They had been deemed "too similar" to the iPad. Google had asked "a decidedly different design of the P3 for the iPad."

    In these documents, it was also explained that in 2011, the division in charge of design at Samsung had found "regrettable" that the Galaxy S is "too similar" to the old models of the iPhone. Finally the Samsung company itself has launched an investigation with several professional designers in order to obtain feedback on the smartphone in question. For the latter, Samsung would be too inspired by the iPhone. The designers explained that the Galaxy S "looks so much like the iPhone that it shows no different characteristic." They add that it is enough to cover the logo of Samsung to make the distinction even more difficult with an iPhone.

    The AllThingsD magazine adds that Samsung has, in its records dating from 2006, a user interface that is developed in-house. The iPhone OS have several similarities. The Korean manufacturer has also recovered emails exchanged at Apple explaining that the mail client iOS builds on the work of Sony.

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    Re: Google asked Samsung to avoid copying Apple product line

    It turns out that the Korean manufacturer Samsung deliberately borrowed the design of its rival products from Cupertino. Apple lawyers want to sue Samsung for $2.5 billion, which includes direct financial loss, and that should pay for copyright infringement. It seems that Apple has acquired a new weapon that can be used in a patent showdown with Samsung.

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