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Thread: Firefox 16 will have Web Apps

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    Firefox 16 will have Web Apps

    Currently distributed on the Aurora channel for developers, Firefox 16 will finally improve the management of the new CSS3 and will introduce inbuilt web applications.

    Constantly changing, the CSS has recently introduced several new products to replace some functions previously performed via JavaScript. This is particularly true for animations or transitions. However the implementation of these new products differs by renderers such as Gecko, WebKit, Presto and Trident or the developer has to systematically force their support by adding specific prefixes. Mozilla says that several new CSS properties are directly compatible and do not need to be prefixed including those of CSS3 animations, transitions CSS3, CSS3 Transform Image CSS3, ​​and Units & Values. Moreover, Firefox 16 will also support gradients made directly via the stylesheet.

    Several other elements are also implemented including HTML5 IndexedDB that is default for storing data locally. Note also the appearance of API Microdata for annotation and content of the tag meter.

    By default, Mozilla will activate the codec Opus to optimize the audio/video conversations over the Internet. Developed by the IETF, it is based on technologies of the SILK codec - Skype and CELT. Firefox 16 will also deploy its Web application platform for all Internet users.

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    Re: Firefox 16 will have Web Apps

    The new Firefox 15 Beta introduced native support for PDF format, although I doubt that Firefox 15 is still available in Stable. However, Firefox 16 Aurora includes improvements in the support, and it works much better. There is also a new interface for the download manager in Firefox, when we download a file, it automatically displays a new icon / button on the toolbar which when pressed shows a speech balloon with information about the file.

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