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Thread: Samsung MV900F Wifi enabled digital camera launched

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    Samsung MV900F Wifi enabled digital camera launched

    Samsung recently announced a new compact high end camera for the general public, called the "MV900F", which has two features: to offer a 180 swivel screen and that of being a "Smart Camera".

    The screen "Samsung MV900F" is only rotatable on the vertical axis, but up to 180, which allows it to overhang the housing and to address the visual field. Usually only swivel hinged screens can fully turn around.

    But the unit does not stick to this specificity for self portraits. It does offer the "Gesture Shot", which analyzes motion and allows you to control the device with gestures: a circular motion of the hand activates and the zoom and movement up and down triggers. It is no longer necessary to multiply the return and use the timer.

    As the "F" as its reference suggests, the latest addition to Samsung has a Wi-Fi connectivity and a host of functions connected for a "Smart Camera". Users can, through its large WVGA AMOLED touchscreen of 3.3 inches, share photos on social networks, broadcast on a TV or DLNA set with their automatic transfer to a computer or an online storage service.

    This large screen also provides access to the "Beauty Palette" to retouch photos from the camera using ten brushes (smooth, brighten, saturate, etc).

    On a purely technical aspects, the "MV900F" has a 5 times zoom equivalent to a 25-125 mm f / 2.5 to 6.3, quite bright light at wide angle, much less at the telephoto end. It hides a CMOS sensor retro-exposed 16-megapixel shooting in Full HD 1080p.

    The "Samsung MV900F" will be launched in September at a retail price of 300 euros.

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    Re: Samsung MV900F Wifi enabled digital camera launched

    Samsung puts a special emphasis on the automation of the camera, among which are the familiar gesture controls that allow you to change the zoom remotely in a circular motion of the hand or shoot by lifting and lowering. This camera is a direct successor of its compact MV800 launched last year ,if it is compared partially. Low Light Shot mode will further assist taking photos in low light conditions through the merger of three images taken with different settings for optimum results.

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