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Thread: Google Chrome Beta 21 Announced

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    Google Chrome Beta 21 Announced

    Google announced the availability of a new beta version of its browser Google Chrome with Cloud Print improvement.

    Since 2010, Google is working on a new protocol called WebRTC (Real-Time Communications Web). This allows you to make voice and video in real time directly through the browser without requiring external plugin. Google Chrome 21 beta loads APIs getUserMedia now, in order to allow a website to access the webcam and / or microphone. Eventually, Gtalk and functionality of Google Video+ tip will focus on WebRTC.

    This new version also offers a new dialog box when printing a web page or document. The user will be able to manage multiple printers on a network but will be also able to send the file to an Android smartphone, or can either store it on Google Drive or can even print it in a Fedex office near you.

    Download Chrome 21 Beta from here.

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    Re: Google Chrome Beta 21 Announced

    It was reported by several security experts that the latest beta of Google Chrome has several vulnerabilities.

    One news in this latest beta version for the programming interfaces is for the getUserMedia webRTC complementing technology. These APIs helps or allow a website to access the webcam or microphone. Eventually audio and video communications will therefore be made directly through the browser.

    However, access to computer components pose several vulnerabilities. The site reports the remarks from Rik Ferguson, an expert at Trend Micro, which states: "We have already seen both banking malware and of course targeted threats that make use of the video hardware of the victim through the installation of malware," and "Getusermedia does not rely on a local file being created and subsequently uploaded, but instead allows the broadcast of a live stream of audio or video, directly through a web page which increases the security concern."

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