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Thread: Assassin's Creed III coming for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

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    Assassin's Creed III coming for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

    So many people must have watched the trailer of Assassinís Creed III and were excited to get another game in this series. From first part of the Assassinís Creed, many people have played this game with an excitement. So all fans of Assassinís Creed and other who want to start playing this game the new game in Assassinís Creed series, that is Assassinís Creed III is coming out for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on October 30, 2012 in North America and October 31, 2012 for countries which use PAL systems in their television. This game will also release in Europe on November 23, 2012.

    The trailer of Assassinís Creed III didnít show what the game will be about, who will enemies or much details. It just shows our Assassin fighting half an army of British and killing most of them. Another trailer showed the Assassin moving through snowy forest at night killing the British soldiers and leaving the bloody trail for the wolves to devour on. If you are amazed by the action in the trailer, let me reveal you the biggest change that you will see in this game. The main character Ezio Auditore da Firenze is no longer the main assassin in this game. The assassin is now Connor. Born to a British father and a Native American mother, brought up among the Mohawk tribe belonging to Native Americans, you will see him killing using the Mohawk most of the times in the trailers. The period in which the game has been set is from 1753 to 1783.

    This time in Assassinís Creed III, will let the players explore the bordering region between New York and Boston. Also the plot of this game will involve Benjamin Franklin and George Washington as main characters that will be involved in the story and also affect the story. It is also being rumored that George Washington will be somehow related to Connor, yes the Assassin of this game. The developers are saying that the world in Assassinís Creed III will be 1.5 times bigger that Romeís map in Assassinís Creed Brotherhood. This map will also feature the forest area as we see in the trailers. These forests will include the native village of Connor which will be dwelled by the Mohawk tribe. Not just New York and Boston will be featured on this map, but also smaller cities like Concorde and Lexington will also be available to play in. The forests will let the Assassin climb the trees and wall on the thick branches helping to kill the enemies and targets more silently. You can even hunt the animals in the forest and sell their parts for extra credits, get side quests from hunting club and such other activities. The time of the day will change between day and night, nothing new in this. The climate of the in-game world will also change, winter, summer and donít know what. The corresponding area will also be affected by this weather changes. The forest will become green in summer while white due to snow in winter.

    Assassinís Creed III is designed on the updated version of the ĎAnvilí engine that was used by Ubisoft to make the previous parts of this game. The best feature of this engine is that it can support 1000 characters in one scene and still work smoothly. Not just the gaming engine has improved, but the characterís involvement in the world has also been improved a lot. The character development is taken to a new level by allowing more development options and upgrades for weapons. Many ways to earn money has been implemented so that one can buy property in the game world. Developers have also involved one mission where we will have to fight naval wars in this game. The assassin will need to board one ship from another and use cannons to eliminate enemiesí ship in the sea. Many anticipated that the ships will be set on a pre-designed rails and all we have to do is to jump from one deck to another. But developers have clarified that one will also be able to control ships however they want to and steer them in any direction in the open sea as they want.

    Another good thing about Assassinís Creed III will be that the format of playing the mission has been changed a lot. Previously, though you had many main quests and side quests, you could choose only one at a time. But now we will be able to choose multiple missions at a time and complete them in any sequence we want. I hope that developers have shown some great innovation in this part. I mean, if we accept a main mission to kill a target, then the mission should be designed such that the target will appear at the designated place at night. So till night comes, we can complete side quests and then at night we can give a visit to our target. In previous parts of Assassinís Creed games, many people said that killing enemies was very easy. ĎYes, I am a top of the class assassin, whoís gonna stop me.í But rules have changed in Assassinís Creed III; the enemy is more powerful, more intelligent and more responsive. Killing the enemy wonít be a big deal, but killing multiple enemies to maintain a chain of killing will be difficult. You have to use innovative and intelligent methods to achieve a fluid chain of killings.

    As in Assassinís Creed: Brotherhood and Assassinís Creed: Revelations, you had an ability to summon a group of assassins to get you out of the tight spots. But this time n Assassinís Creed III, this ability has been changed. You will be calling group of locals to help you out. I saw one gameplay demo which featured part of Boston. Here when the player called for help, the locals came dressed as the army in the red coats. They pretended our assassin to be a prisoner and took him past the guards unnoticed. Yes, the assassin training feature is still available and we can still summon them, but not in packs. You will also find many new animations for the character that will make many characters unique in this game. Also ability to jump over the wagon and sliding under it are developed. You can literally slide under almost any object which provides its possibility.

    So this is what I know about Assassinís Creed III till now. Waiting for some more news about this game which I can bring to you. Looks like a great job done by Ubisoft which will keep us entertained for long time. For now eagerly waiting for release of Assassinís Creed III.

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    Re: Assassin's Creed III coming for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

    Wow, thatís awesome news about Assassinís Creed III. Ubisoft has taken a lot of effort over making this game and we can clearly see the outstanding output we will get. Being a fan of Assassinís Creed series, I think this game is a must play for me. Waiting for month of October end to come soon so I can grab a copy of this game for myself. After reading this post, I think that I will be playing the story of this game more than once.

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