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Thread: FlyGrip Phone Case for easy Texting and Handling

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    FlyGrip Phone Case for easy Texting and Handling

    If you are using any smartphone then FlyGrip is for you, Once can just fit the FlyGrip to the back of the phone and place two fingers in the comfortable grip. FlyGrip makes texting easier with one hand, it has been designed for fitting out fingers comfortably which lets us use our thumbs navigating the whole display with an ease. It can also act as a kickstand in portrait as well as landscape angle, it’s cool, it’s small but a bit costly. FlyGrip is made from plastic and can be attached to phone case as well as naked phone. It is said to work fit with phones having smooth surface which are made from hard plastic or aluminum like iphone’s. It actually uses self-adhesive glue for staying in place and can be used with some soft-shell TPU cases as well.
    You can get different colors of FlyGrip with three different sizes for fitting ones fingers:
    It is shipped with complimentary soft-shell case where the case is quite good looking and well built from rubber material. When you install the same it will cover whole back surface and will leave screen, Home button, Front camera, earpiece and proximity sensor uncovered. It has slot for exposing volume buttons as well as the Ring/Silent switch like other cases. Top of the case has openings for headphone jack and Sleep/Wake button where as bottom of the case is open. The case also has oval opening for rear camera and the LED flash.

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    Re: FlyGrip Phone Case for easy Texting and Handling

    Hey that looks cool but the price is really high, it should have been around $150. Anyways after this I think other companies will start manufacturing the same at cheaper rates.

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