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Thread: Vizio's Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV Released

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    Vizio's Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV Released

    Vizio unveiled new Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV. The screen size is 58" with 21:9 aspect ration. A wide size 3D HDTV will simply turn your home to a portable Movie hall. The 21:9 aspect ration is the highest yet achieved by only this model. It is designed to give you rich media in 3D Quality. The maximum image resolution you have on the screen is 2560 x 1080. Vizio is selling the TV for $2,499.99 online. You cannot imagine the high resolution video quality of HD channel. Termed as Cinemawide resolution the TV might cover a large space of your living room. Along with the wide resolution you can some apps that can help you to access various internet feature. That is the reason it is termed as SmartTV. This TV cam provide you 1080p Full HD resolution video quality. You can just image how your Blu Ray videos will appear. The TV being shipped worldwide, but the output quality depends on the transmission of your region. Or simply you can enjoy your own bunch of blu ray collections. It is sold is US first, where the service provides has already switched to HD channel transmission. Vizio's Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV features theater 3d technology also. This technology tries to enhance your 3D video and give you crystal clear video output.

    With appropriate 3D goggles. Theater 3D supports Cinema rich quality. The one that you enjoy is large movie halls on widescreen. Along with this the TV comes with wifi connectivity. So that you can stream digital content from your mobile devices to TV directly. There are ample of widescreen models available today which still lack wifi connectivity. To enjoy the Theater 3D quality it comes with pairs of VIZIO 3D glasses. The refresh refresh rate of TV 120Hz to give you maximum quality and 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. To get the right audio with HD video it is equipped with SRS StudioSound HDTM audio. Along with there are 5HDMI port provided on the TVset. HDMI is a common interface today to sync the TV with a media center pc or simply connect your DVR or play your videos from a camcorder.

    Bigger picture demands more quality. It is will be very annoying if you face a poor image qulaity and not one likes mess with the settings to get the right display. The aspect ration 21:9 does the job here. But remember to get the output you will need the same quality of video. If you have a 720p video maximum then the same might look better on 1080p HD screen. This TV has greate highlights. They are worth to discuss. Even though the TV is quiet wide, but the the thinkness is very less. It give a very unique design to it. Just have a look on the below short feature list. This gives you a right glimpse why this SmartTV is worth to buy. Along with an entertainment pack the TV also gives you a set of feature that are not found in any other model. Like on that I had discussed above Wifi. It is quiet easier to surf internet and use various apps on a hotspot. The configuration is far more simple. Along with wifi connectivity the TV support a Bluetooth remote instead of regular RF. Due to new addition it is posisble to customize the remotes buttons on your need. The remote consist of QWERTY buttons. So this removes the additional of any device that can help you to type of access facebook on your screen. Along with full keyboad support the remote offers amle of customization feature. The remote has right navigation keys with a inserted keyboard on the backside the open up with silde. Such type of keybaord is a much for SmartTV.

    Featured Highlight :
    • CinemaWide : VIZIO's brings panoramic 21:9 aspect ratio HDTV to the US for the first time to deliver a new standard of entertainment in breathtaking 2560 x 1080 resolution.
    • VIZIO Internet Apps : Easily connect to the Internet and stream movies and TV shows, listen to music and get the latest news, sports and weather.
    • Theater 3D : Bring the movie theater experience home! Theater 3D™ delivers cinema-style 3D with lightweight battery-free glasses.
    • Edge Lit Razor LED : Thin, beautiful Razor LED delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites for rich, vivid detail in brilliant HD. It’s also Mercury Free and remarkably energy efficient, making it a smart and planet friendly choice.
    • Theater 3D : Theater 3D glasses are affordable enough to outfit the entire family, even friends - perfect for 3D sporting, movie or concert events. Even use them at your local movie theater.
    • Customized Bluetooth Remote : This customized Bluetooth remote with slide out QWERTY keypad enables you to control your TV, even type onscreen, from any spot in the room.
    • Wi-Fi Technology : The latest 802.11n Wireless Networking is built-in making connecting to the Internet quick and easy.
    • 120Hz : Full High Definition resolution giving you razor sharp clarity, crisp and clear images and an absolutely amazing viewing experience.
    • Ambient Lighting : Energy efficient sensors auto-adjust brightness for the perfect picture regardless of room conditions.
    • SRS StudioSound HD : It delivers immersive surround sound, deep bass, clear dialog and level volume.
    • Dynamic Contrast Ratio : 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio delivers deeper blacks and brighter whites through contrast and dimensions.
    • ECO HD : ECO HD exceeds the current ENERGY STAR Guidelines, saving you money on your utility bills while limiting the impact on our planet

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    re: Vizio's Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV Released

    Widescreen TV always face the problem of blurry video quality. The reason is transmission. A standard movie channel cannot give you high end screen resolution and the such HDTV tries to stretch the image as maximum as possible. That simply makes the video more poor. But I hope that Vizio's Cinemawide Razor LED SmartTV has inbuilt support for that which can control the image size and display it properly. The TV is made for rich media usage. You cannot rely or use your regular home theater on the same. You will need HD DVR or simply a good media center pc through which you can store content. All in all this is a worth to buy product. It can fulfill all needs of a person who is in search for a widescreen cinema style TV.

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