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Thread: Google flags 9,500 malicious websites every day

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    Google flags 9,500 malicious websites every day

    By analyzing data collected over for the past five years, Google shares some statistics on its own security tools.

    In 2007, Google explained that it had set up a mechanism of protection against malicious websites and possible phishing attacks. It is deployed on its search engine, its advertising device, but also on its Chrome browser. Apple and Mozilla are also using same technology in Safari and Firefox respectively.

    The mechanism would protect 600 million Internet users and Google announces that, about 9500 malicious sites are discovered every day. "It is normal that sites have been hacked or sites are specifically designed for the deployment of a malware or a phishing attack," explains Google. To go undetected in the systems that is set up by the Mountain View company, they usually remain less than an hour online.

    Moreover, between 12 and 14 million warnings would be generated each day via the search engine plus 300,000 download alerts warning of suspicious files are also found. Google adds that in addition to alerting the ISP of the Internet, a mechanism is also able to warn the webmaster if they have registered their email address on the Webmaster Tools site. Find out more information here.

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    Re: Google flags 9,500 malicious websites every day

    Safe Browsing is a global initiative officially launched five years ago and for which Google gives some figures today. According to data provided by Google, the number of legitimate sites that are compromised is declining. This is good news, but the number of attacks specially created by websites to spread malware is on the rise. This is where google needs to catch accordingly.

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