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Thread: ADATA Premier Pro SP300 and XPG SX300 mSATA Solid State Drives Launched

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    ADATA Premier Pro SP300 and XPG SX300 mSATA Solid State Drives Launched

    Adata has started renewing its range of SSDs with mSATA for the Smart Response Technology (SRT) from Intel. The new "SP300" and "SX300" are actually two of the few competitors of Intel SSD 311 and 313.

    The Intel Smart Response, for reminders, allows to associate the performance of SSDs to high storage capacities of hard disks, making SSDs not a storage medium but an independent buffer, which will be working at a high speed.

    Premier Pro SP300

    The "Premier Pro SP300" is offered at 24, 32 or 64 GB of storage space, but the user does not have to worry about data distribution. It came boarded with the MLC NAND Flash in 25 nm and a controller SandForce legacy that supports only the Serial ATA 3 Gbps.

    They stick well to 280 and 260 MB/s, sequential with read and write, and 46,000 and 12,500 IOPS at random read and write.

    XPG SX300

    With capacities of 64, 128 and 256GB, the "XPG SX300" can also be used as an SSD independently. They offer anyway significantly higher performance with their latest SandForce controller generation, supporting and taking full advantage of Serial ATA 6-Gbps: they climb to 550 and 505 MB/s, with sequential read and write and to 85,000 and 25,000 IOPS at random read-write.

    SSDs "Adata SP300" of 24, 32 and 64GB are already marketed in the U.S. at a retail prices 60, 70 and 104 dollars respectively before tax. The "SX300" 64, 128 and 256 GB cost at 110, 180 and $350 respectively.

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    Re: ADATA Premier Pro SP300 and XPG SX300 mSATA Solid State Drives Launched

    According to ADATA, it does not affect the reliability, since NAND chips are carefully selected. The company offers three-year warranty. Claimed MTBF - 1200000 two hours drive, SX300 and SP300, comply with and support the technology ATA/ATAP1-7 Intel Smart Response, SMART, NCQ and TRIM.

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