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Thread: Nvidia and Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8 Release Preview Available for Download

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    Nvidia and Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8 Release Preview Available for Download

    Intel and Nvidia, both have accompanied the arrival of the Release Preview of the upcoming Windows 8 with the launch of new drivers, compatible with WDDM 1.2.

    If Windows 8 embeds generic drivers that is able to run most of the graphics cards available in the market, it will be necessary to install special software to fully exploit the potential of the GPU. A few days after the availability of Release Preview of the future of Microsoft Windows, Intel and Nvidia have both released new dedicated drivers, at the end of last week.

    Nvidia, stamped with "302.80" and agree to support all GPUs, whether for fixed or mobile brand. No real news is reported, except for the support, at the control panel drivers, for stereoscopic 3D displays. At this stage, the idea is a logical addition to provide standard management system, including compatibility with the new graphics driver model enacted by Microsoft (WDDM 1.2). We can get these drivers via the Nvidia site, by selecting Windows 8 in the list of operating systems, or by consulting this PDF release notes.

    It's the same at Intel, with the launch of driver (Windows 8 32-bit) and (64 bits), to suit the integrated graphics controllers with CPU ranges - Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge (HD 2000 and HD 3000 or 2500 or 4000), download it from here. They promise to include support for transcoding video and DirectX 11 or stereoscopic 3D. Download of PDF release notes are available from the Intel Web site or here.

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    Re: Nvidia and Intel HD Graphics Driver for Windows 8 Release Preview Available for Download

    Even AMD launched the Catalyst driver for Windows 8 Release Preview. The manufacturer notes that the driver supports video series AMD Radeon HD 7000, HD 6000, HD 5000, and the corresponding range of mobile and professional graphics, as well as AMD hybrid chips. The 32-bit and 64-bit version for the systems can be downloaded from the official website of the company here.

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