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Thread: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Available for Download Next Month - July 2012

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    Mac OS X Mountain Lion Available for Download Next Month - July 2012

    At its annual event, WWDC 2012, dedicated to developers, Apple took the opportunity to give some more information about the next version of its OS X Mountain Lion.

    From the center of notifications, the Gatekeeper security utility, notepad, task manager or Game Center, are some of the numerous features present in the new OS X Mountain Lion, declared in February. Last night, Craig Federighi, Vice President of Engineering at Apple, has revealed some other features.

    OS X Mountain Lion embarks Dictation tool allowing the user to dictate text to find its words translated in the form of text. Apple says Dictation is improving over time by learning to recognize the user's voice. The software is also capable of taking into account the name of address book contacts. Note that this is not a variation of Siri to perform actions but rather a product like Dragon Natural Speaking from Nuance.

    MacBook Air / Pro with an SSD will in turn benefit from the Power Nap functionality. When the machine is idle, it will nevertheless be able to receive updates for email calendars, notes, tasks or Photostream. Apple also states, that OS X will be updated discreetly and make backups with Time Machine.

    The Facebook network that will appear alongside Twitter in to iOS 6 also interferes in Mountain Lion. Once the account is authenticated, network contacts will integrate the local address book, then updates will be deployed in the center of notifications. Finally, note that sharing capabilities will be available to application developers.

    Finally Mr. Federighi also presented some improvements to the Safari browser with, like the Chrome Omnibox, an address bar and a unified research engine or synchronize open tabs via icloud. Mountain Lion OS X will be available next month for $19.99. Find more information on this page.
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    Re: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Available for Download Next Month - July 2012

    More precisely, on July 12 we will see the Mac OS X Mountain Lion getting released. Mountain Lion combines many of the applications which is already in use on the IPad, and introduced with IOS 5. Another nice addition is the use of note, which is valued at iDevices and can be integrated with the in your mail client.

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    Re: Mac OS X Mountain Lion Available for Download Next Month - July 2012

    It is good to see that Apple is already in a panic before Windows 8 gets its final version released. I'm eagerly awaiting the release of Mountain Lion so I will have full integration with my laptop.

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