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Thread: Google to reveal Chrome Browser for Metro soon

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    Google to reveal Chrome Browser for Metro soon

    Google announced the upcoming availability of a version of the Chrome browser for evaluation on the interface of Windows 8 Metro.

    In March, Google had confirmed to work on a version of its browser interface that will be adapted to the Metro which will also use the touch features. The engineer Carlos Pizano explains on the official blog of the Chromium project that, a preliminary version of Chrome will soon be available via the channel of distribution for developers. It will run on Windows 8 (x86) but not on WinRT.

    Google has managed to adapt its browser to the meter interface, while still maintaining the traditional aesthetics of tabs at the top and unified search bar. The main change is the new version will be the adaptation to the new interface of Windows 8 Metro, with its beautiful square icons that are updated in real time. This version of Chrome for Metro has native integration into Windows 8, for snap view and charms.

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    re: Google to reveal Chrome Browser for Metro soon

    Microsoft has decided to deny users the opportunity to choose a full-fledged browser on the tablet version of Windows 8/RT. To be precise, the ability to install third-party browsers will be available, but these browsers will not have access to basic features of the system, which critically affects the speed, stability and security. While Internet Explorer will not be limited in any way.

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