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Thread: Turn iPhone or Android device into a laptop with Clambook

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    Turn iPhone or Android device into a laptop with Clambook

    The Clamcase company has a next line-up product called "Clambook" that will transform Android and iPhone smartphone device in a laptop.

    The company Clamcase announces the upcoming launch of Clambook. This machine features an ultrabook technology but requires connecting a smartphone to function. The Clambook can operate with an iPhone or a Android phone with Ice Cream Sandwich pre-installed. The manufacturer promises integration of MHL interface (Mobile High-Definition Link) designed to connect a phone to an HD display. It would be then possible to transfer high-quality media, and also charges the connected device.

    The Clambook has a trackpad as well as multipoint keys specially designed for Android and especially for the Motorola webtop. Clamcase explains that the product will be available in the holiday season. More information can be found on its official site here.

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    Re: Turn iPhone or Android device into a laptop with Clambook

    Clambook incorporates a 11.6-inch display, a 3D Cinema Sound audio system, a full keyboard, and comes with a dock to connect an Android smartphone or an iPhone. It is unclear how it can work with iOS, but the manufacturer ensures the compatibility of its product with the iPhone. Clambook also has applications like Firefox, Gmail, a file manager, etc; that work in conjunction with the connected smartphone.

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