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Thread: MSI Slider S20 Windows 8 Tablet Announced

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    MSI Slider S20 Windows 8 Tablet Announced

    Among other notebooks, MSI has unveiled S20, a slider-type tablet, at the pre-opening of the Computex 2012, with a sliding screen hinge, with Windows 8 support.

    MSI will accompany the arrival of Windows 8 with the launch of the S20, a laptop-like ultrabook which has the distinction of being mounted on sliding hinges. The slab, touchscreen and a diagonal of 11.6 inches, is likely to be positioned facing the user - like the way a traditional PC is used, so that it can be placed flat on the ground as well.

    The S20 is therefore intended halfway between the traditional notebook and tablet. The machine, however, retains a proportionate manner, since its weight is 1.3 kg for a thickness of about 2 cm. The sliding screen system does have one drawback: in this case, a reduced size keyboard.

    At this stage, MSI promises that the S20 will adopt a configuration of Intel Core based processors of third generation (Ivy Bridge, Chief River platform). But at Computex, a Celeron that powered the prototype was discovered by many. The detailed characteristics, is still subject to change, and currently not provided, although the manufacturer indicates that USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFi 802.11n and Bluetooth 4.0 will actually be present.

    Pending further details it remains to be seen if it will made on hybrid PC / tablet supported by Windows 8. Whether this concept will favor the consumer, comparing front-panel detachable models promoted by Asus, we will definitely see it in the future.

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    Re: MSI Slider S20 Windows 8 Tablet Announced

    Apart from the sliding features, there is nothing new in this MSI S20 when compared to Asus Transformers tablet. There are also no trackpad though it is possible to slide the top cover to reveal a full keyboard that cannot be seen in the photo that is revealed. The disadvantage of the sliding screen, is that everything is based on a simple hinge.

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