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Thread: Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer in the browser market

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    Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer in the browser market

    The position of the Chrome browser in the market is now very clear. Google has taken to strengthen the figures recently published by the firm StatCounter.

    Earlier this month, data from StatCounter analyst firm, retrieved via a counter that were made ​​available to webmasters, revealed that, Google Chrome browser has dethroned Internet Explorer from its leadership position. Chrome would display currently from 32.43% usage before the implementation of Microsoft to 32.12%.

    These figures, however, were criticized and claimed that Microsoft StatCounter accounted pages were pre-loaded in the browser from Google. Some sites actually boarded the programming interfaces that allow page Visibility to the browser to load a page logically visited later by the user. However Statcounter has shifted course and no longer pre-loaded those pages that are potentially not visited by the user.

    During the D10 conference, organized by the Wall Street Journal, Sundar Pichai, vice president of Google Chrome, said the StatCounter statistics: "stick pretty well to our own observations. Chrome has grown by about 300% last year. We have hundreds of millions of active users (...) Our internal data confirm the report of Statcounter". Mr. Pichai added that Google Chrome is now at the first or second position of browser usage in all countries. In some emerging market, its share exceeds 50%.

    "3 million websites make use of Statcounter and receive a total of 15 billion page views per month". For its part, the firm NetMarketShare, which analyzes the traffic of 40,000 websites (160 million unique visitors per month), up'ed Chrome in third with 19.58%, behind Firefox (19.71%) and Internet Explorer (54.05%).

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    Re: Google Chrome Overtakes Internet Explorer in the browser market

    What I have learned is that the figures taken by the StatCounter service were incorrect because Chrome uses a predictive technology that determines which page will be charged after we're seeing, causing traffic to sum that does not exist.
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