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Thread: Microsoft Office for iOS and Android is planned to be launched in November

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    Microsoft Office for iOS and Android is planned to be launched in November

    According to some news sources, Microsoft could launch its Office suite for iOS and Android platform in November. The aim would be to make it available not only on Apple devices, but also at the same time on the shelves equipped system by Google.

    The rumor of the arrival of Office on iPad is not new: already in last February, a stolen picture was put forward by the Microsoft software on an Apple tablet, without disclosing their concrete interface. Very quickly, the Redmond company had rebounded, indicating that this photo was false, while The Daily, the original source of the latter, in turn defended itself for airing a fake. Furthermore, Microsoft had not denied working on a tablet version of Office.

    To believe BGR, citing an informed source, the company would develop not only a version of IOS, but also an Android version, and have already planned to launch both versions in November 2012. The site's source added that it had seen the version would be similar to that of the visuals released last February.

    Question is how Microsoft will react to this information, which suggests that these applications could arrive at the same time as Windows 8.

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    Re: Microsoft Office for iOS and Android is planned to be launched in November

    Presumably that includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as goes to Microsoft cloud services for Office. There are already applications like OneNote and SkyDrive for IOS, and the first is on Android too. The report said it is unclear whether Microsoft plans to release Office in IOS for the iPad or just for the iPhone or iPod Touch as well. A Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on Mashable about history. Microsoft has already announced that it was working on the next version of Office, and described it as "Office 15" but of the Division of the Office of the company.

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