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Thread: Sony CL-A2LAS USB Charger for mobile phone phones

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    Sony CL-A2LAS USB Charger for mobile phone phones

    Recharge your mobile devices by turning a crank, this is the proposal of the Sony CL-A2LAS charger with two USB ports and a battery of 4000 mAh. The solution to never run out of discharge?

    Gadgets to manually recharge USB devices are not new, but this is the first time that a brand like Sony launches CL-A2LAS charger in the market. Called "Sony CL-A2LAS Hand Cranked USB Charger", this device can support two USB devices at the same time to give them a semblance of life before they run out of charge. Its battery comes with a capacity of 4000 mAh, that can be recharged from the mains, but if that was not enough, it is also possible to power connect devices using the crank integrated throughout.

    With such method of charging, it should nevertheless not expect miracles: 3 minutes of elbow grease or cranking can make a mobile phone to provide 1 minute of talktime or 5 minutes of cranking to provide one minute of web browsing. In certain circumstances and other remote locations, this can be very useful. The CL-A2LAS shall first be marketed in Japan from 20 June for a price of 8,000 yen, or about 80 euros.

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    Re: Sony CL-A2LAS USB Charger for mobile phone phones

    This is indeed very much useful for remote places or villages where electricity is cut off every single hour or so and your mobile phone doesnt even remains in fully charge situations. A must buy for this places I must say, so that one doesnt have to depend on the electricity to charge mobile phone or some other devices that is supported by this product.

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